[pypy-dev] GSoC Project idea

Tamreen Khan historium at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 21:10:58 CEST 2010

Hi everyone, my name is Tamreen Khan (Scriptor on IRC) and I'm
interested in working on PyPy for Google's Summer of Code. I have
experience in Python, basic knowledge of assembly, and I'm interested
in language implementation. Otherwise, I'll have to learn much of the
rest myself. I'm currently working on an abstract register allocator
(doesn't deal with actual CPU registers) that fijal asked me to write
before I apply. However, I would like to start getting figuring out
what I would do for my actual summer project.

I understand that the JIT is a priority spot for development right
now. Also, on the ideas page, I saw that integrating Stackless better
is a possible project and I'd like to work on that, although I think
someone on IRC was already doing that.Besides what's on the ideas
page, does anyone have any suggestions for areas in PyPy that I could
pick to create my own idea if needed?

Tamreen Khan

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