[pypy-dev] ongoing microthread discussions

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Sun Aug 15 16:31:38 CEST 2010

To clarify, there are numerous implementations of the JVM that are not
copyleft, such as Apache Harmony. Of course the MLVM work I
not one of them.

Jython itself is licensed <http://www.jython.org/license.html> under the
Python Software License.

On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 6:24 PM, Kevin Ar18 <kevinar18 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  You may want to broaden your candidates. Jython already supports multiple
> cores with no GIL and shared memory with well-defined memory semantics
> derived directly from Java's memory model (and compatible with the informal
> memory model that we see in CPython). Because JRuby needs it for efficient
> support of Ruby 1.9 generators, which are more general than Python's
> (non-nested yields), there has been substantial attention paid to the MLVM
> coroutine support which has demonstrated 1M+ microthread scalability in a
> single JVM process.
> It would be amazing if someone spent some time looking at this in Jython.
> For me, anything based on the Java VM or copyleft code it out of question.
> However, you are quite right in that it is not necessary that I use PyPy.
> For example, if Unladen Swallow had the primitives I needed, that would be
> great too.
> As a side note, PyPy does have two advantages: speed and that it is coded
> in RPython: which might even allow me to just hack PyPy itself at some
> point. :)
> BTW, thanks for the suggestion.  Now that you brought up the topic of
> different implementations, I should probably check on what is going on in
> regards to Unladen Swallow, etc....
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