[pypy-dev] Idea for speed.pypy.org

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Sat Dec 4 12:05:56 CET 2010

re: keeping the 'why we are slower/what we could do to fix it' info up
to date -- one possibility is to make a 'why we were/what we are for
release 1.4.'  Then every time you make a major release, you update
those fields as needed.  And if major changes happen between 'what
was in the last major release' vs 'what's on trunk now' you can even
make a note of it -- 'fixed in rev whatever it was, when we merged in
whoever it was' brank, see blog post over here'.  And if you forget,
well, you will catch it when the next major release comes out.

Just an idea.


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