[pypy-dev] Idea for speed.pypy.org

Paolo Giarrusso p.giarrusso at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 16:13:09 CET 2010

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 14:14, Leonardo Santagada <santagada at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here is a incomplete draft list:

> [slow]spitfire[cstringio]: Spitfire is a template language, the
> cstringio version uses a modified engine (that uses cstringio)

> spambayes: Spambayes is a bayesian spam filter

Why is [slow]spitfire slower with PyPy? Is it regex-related? I
remember when, because of this, spambayes was slower (including
release 1.3, now solved). But for spitfire, 1.3 was faster than 1.4
and the head (for slowspitfire it's the opposite).

For the rest, I see no significant case of slowdown of PyPy over time.
Paolo Giarrusso - Ph.D. Student

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