[pypy-dev] playing with fast-forward

Gary Robinson garyrob at me.com
Sat Dec 18 23:58:15 CET 2010

I'm experimenting with the fast-forward branch. I'm actually not sure about the proper way to get it. (I have the main branch working fine.)

I downloaded a nojit version from http://buildbot.pypy.org/nightly/branch/fast-forward/ since I didn't see any jit versions listed there. I was happy to see that the method I care most about, multiprocessing.Pool.imap_unordered, seemed to work. But I want to test it with the jit.

The page (https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/021b219e0aef) appears to be for the branch, but the mercurial URL shown on that page appears to be for the main project. 

I tried the downloads under the Source pop-up menu. For some reason, I only sporadically am able to get a complete .gz file.** But I did get one. 

I was able to run:

  python translate.py -Ojit

successfully -- or at least it appeared so. But I couldn't find a bin/pypy to run!?

Any suggestions how to run fast-forward with jit?

** I've used text browsers w3m and elinks on SuSE, and Safari on OS X (two different machines in different cities). Twice, the Safari download has stopped at < 500K. (It LOOKS like a successful download, it's just incomplete.) The SuSE browsers usually get 16 or 18MB and stop, and tar gets "gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file" when I try to uncompress them.


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