[pypy-dev] 1.2 release schedule

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at openend.se
Fri Jan 8 15:18:55 CET 2010

Hello, I will send the following mail to pypy-dev later in the day,
please review

Hi, here is the tentative schedule for the upcoming 1.2 release:

- 19th of January: feature freeze (features under consideration are
listed in extradoc/planning/jit.txt with a reference to the release)
- 22th-29th of January: release work (stability, documentation and
packaging) to produce a release candidate on the 29th
- 5th of February: 1.2 release

One of the goals of the release is to gather feedback:

it would be good if in the period up to finalizing the release people
could try already and think of possible ways to stress out bugs from the
JIT trying it on small/medium examples (CPython own tests which we use
don't tend to loop enough to really use the JIT a lot).


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