[pypy-dev] FW: Would the following shared memory model be possible?

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:44:39 CEST 2010

> Would comments from a project using this approach in real systems be
> of interest/use/help? Whilst I didn't know about Morrison's FBP
> (Balzer's work predates him btw - don't listen to hype) I had heard of
> (and played with) Occam among other more influential things, and
> Kamaelia is a real tool. Also there is already a pre-existing FBP tool
> for Stackless, and then historically there's also MASCOT & friends. It

You brought up a lot of topics.  I went ahead and sent you a private email.  There's always lots of interesting things I can add to my list of things to learn about. :)
> just looks to me that you're tieing yourself up in knots over things
> that aren't problems, when there are some things which could be useful
> (in practice) & interesting in this space.
The particular issue in this situation is that there is no way to make Kamaelia, FBP, or other concurrency concepts run in parallel (unless you are willing to accept lots of overhead like with the multiprocessing queues).
Since you have worked with Kamaelia code a lot... you understand a lot more about implementation details.  Do you think the previous shared memory concept or something like it would let you make Kamaelia parallel?
If not, can you think of any method that would let you make Kamaelia parallel?
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