[pypy-dev] Would the following shared memory model be possible?

Michael Sparks sparks.m at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 19:21:25 CEST 2010

I make it a point these days to only reply on-list. It leads to endless 
repetition otherwise. If you repost this cc'ing the pypy-dev list I'll reply. 
If you think it's off topic there, then I see no point.


On Thursday 29 July 2010 18:05:27 you wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> > Would comments from a project using this approach in real systems be
> > of interest/use/help?
> I contacted someone from Kamaelia a while back (probably you).
> Yes, use of the dataflow concept would be really useful (no
> MIT/BSD/Python/PD license).  However, licensing was an issues, so I went
> it on my own.  I find the concept rather interesting both to maybe learn
> from and to actually try and use in an actual application.
> > Whilst I didn't know about Morrison's FBP
> > (Balzer's work predates him btw - don't listen to hype) I had heard of
> > (and played with) Occam among other more influential things, and
> > Kamaelia is a real tool.
> What is this Balzer and Occam? :)  Do you have any links I can look at?
> > Also there is already a pre-existing FBP tool
> > for Stackless
> The problem is that Stackless is not parallel, which is what I would really
> like to do.
> > , and then historically there's also MASCOT & friends.
> Do you have a link about this?


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