[pypy-dev] Seeking advice re. implementing an interpreter in RPython

Tom Locke tom at tomlocke.com
Thu Jun 17 11:19:19 CEST 2010

Thanks for the welcome, and how nice it is to find a project on a European time-zone, and not have to wait for those sleepy Americans to wake up : ) By way of an introduction, did any of you guys notice "Logix" a few years back? On-the-fly syntax extension and lisp-ish macros for Python. I'm the guy that did that. Now abandoned sadly.

I am building what you might call a macro language or a template language for code-generation. It is up and running in prototype form, but way too slow.

I must confess to having jumped ship - I am mainly a Ruby guy these days, and the prototype is in Ruby. But RPython is interesting enough to perhaps bring me back - for this project at least - so congratulations for that. Amazing project.

OK, to get down to business - I'll be starting with the parser. I notice there is a packrat parser in the rlib directory. If that is in a working state I'll be a happy man, as my existing grammar is for a Ruby packrat parser (Treetop). I am guessing that the 'r' in 'rlib' means RPython? Which I'm hoping means the packrat parser might be reasonably fast?

Any pointers to getting started with the packrat parser (or some other if you don't advise that) much appreciated!


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