[pypy-dev] New speed.pypy.org version

Miquel Torres tobami at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 25 13:08:06 CEST 2010

Hi all!,

I want to announce a new version of the benchmarks site speed.pypy.org.

After about 6 months, it finally shows the vision I had for such a website:
usefull for pypy developers but also for the general public following pypy's
or even other python implementation's development. On to the changes.

There are now three views: "Changes", "Timeline" and "Comparison":

The Overview was renamed to Changes, and its inline plot bars got removed
because you can get the exact same plot in the Comparison view now (and then

The Timeline got selectable baseline and "humanized" date labels for the x

The new Comparison view allows, well, comparing of "competing" interpreters,
which will also be of interest to the wider Python community (specially if
we can add unladen, ironpython and JPython results).

Two examples of interesting comparisons are:

- relative bars (
http://speed.pypy.org/comparison/?bas=2%2B35&chart=relative+bars): here we
see that the jit is faster than psyco in all cases except spambayes and
slowspitfire, were the jit cannot make up for pypy-c's abismal performance.
Interestingly, in the only other case where the jit is slower than cpython,
the ai benchmark, psyco performs even worse.

- stacked bars horizontal(
This is not meant to "demonstrate" that overall the jit is over two times
faster than cpython. It is just another way for a developer to picture how
long a programme would take to complete if it were composed of 21 such
tasks. You can see that cpython's (the normalization chosen) benchmarks all
take 1"relative" second. pypy-c needs more or less the same time, some
"tasks" being slower and some faster. Psyco shows an interesting picture:
>From meteor-contest downwards (fortuitously) , all benchmarks are extremely
"compressed", which means they are speeded up by psyco quite a lot. But any
further speed up wouldn't make overall time much shorter because the first
group of benchmarks now takes most of the time to complete. pypy-c-jit is a
more extreme case of this: If the jit accelerated all "fast" benchmarks to 0
seconds (infinitely fast), it would only get about twice as fast as now
because ai, slowspitfire, spambayes and twisted_tcp now need half the entire
execution time. An good demonstration of "you are only as fast as your
slowest part". Of course the aggregate of all benchmarks is not a real app,
but it is still fun.

I hope you find the new version useful, and as always any feedback is

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