[pypy-dev] GSoC projects

Ehsan Amiri ehsanamiri at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 00:17:07 CET 2010

Hello all

I am a graduate student interested in participation in GSoC 2010. I found
some PyPy projects closely related to my background. In particular writing a
backend for Intel 64, for JIT compiler, sounds interesting. Also I would
like to know more about projects on stackless features. I would be happy to
hear any comment on these projects and pointers to documents/paper/code that
might be helpful.

Last year I participated in GSoC as well. I developed a prototype of an
architecture independent SIMD library for Python. This library provides an
interface for programmers to write SIMD code in Python and then translates
it to low level architecture specific SIMD code using CorePy. The prototype
that I developed last year supports intel 64 as I did not have enough time
to develop code generators for any other architecture.

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