[pypy-dev] Advice on Compiling Pypy-c for debugging (Stackless support)

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 13 15:32:06 CET 2010


I finally got my hands on a machine big enough to compile pypy-c. I want to try pypy-c with the greenlet package. As I mentioned in previous posts, I want to see how the greenlet package blows up pypy-c and hope that it is a case of simply altering greenlets enough so it will work. 

I did a test run with -Ojit. It still took about 90 minutes to compile on a Mac with 4G of ram. That said, what would be the right switches to create a version can be placed in a debugger? Where does the C code go - or would this code even be useful. Any suggestions to speed up the process.


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