[pypy-dev] double trouble with JIT

wlavrijsen at lbl.gov wlavrijsen at lbl.gov
Mon Nov 29 14:04:22 CET 2010


with the Reflex branch, and the fast path enabled, I sometimes run into
pbs with doubles in libffi. Sometimes the results are wrong, sometimes
there's a crash, and sometimes there's:

self = <C object ffi_cif (opaque) at 0xbfb8848>

     def _ctypes_storage_was_allocated(self):
         addr = ctypes.cast(self._storage, ctypes.c_void_p).value
         if addr in ALLOCATED:
>           raise Exception("internal ll2ctypes error - "
                             "double conversion from lltype to ctypes?")
E           Exception: internal ll2ctypes error - double conversion from lltype to ctypes?

Any ideas?

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