[pypy-dev] Question on the future of RPython

Saravanan Shanmugham sarvi at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 6 20:27:08 CEST 2010

Hi Armin,
   Could you point me to some of these previous attempts at improving 
RPython-to-Executable capability. 
I would like to understand what was attempted.

Hart's Antler, who seems to be working on RPython quite extensively contacted me 
privately about dong some work in the RPython area.
I am considering sponsoring him in to do some work on PyPy,only  if it is done 
with the PyPy teams blessings and will help help PyPy as a whole.

Is there a wish list of RPython enhancements somewhere that the PyPy team might 
be considering? 
Stuff that would benefit RPython users in general.


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> Hi,
> Can we please close this thread?  The basic answer you will get  from
> anybody that actually worked at least a bit with PyPy is that all  your
> discussions are moving air around and nothing else.
> There is no  one working with PyPy that is interested in using RPython
> for the purpose of  compiling some RPython programs to C code
> statically (except  interpreters).  If anyone is really interested in
> this topic he can  (again) give it a try.  He would get some help from
> us, i.e. the rest of  the PyPy team, but it would be a fork for now.  I
> say "again" because  there are some previous attempts at doing that,
> which all failed.  As  long as no such project exists and is successful
> -- and I have some doubts  about it -- I will not believe in the nice
> (and, to me, completely bogus)  claims made on this thread, like "let's
> bring RPython and Shedskin  together".
> A bientot,
> Armin.


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