[pypy-dev] External RPython mailing list

Bea During bea at changemaker.nu
Sun Sep 12 21:58:14 CEST 2010

Hi there

Armin Rigo skrev:
> Hi,
> To anyone interested, Sarvi(?) created an RPython mailing list (Thanks
> Bea for spotting this):
>     http://pyppet.blogspot.com/2010/09/rpython-mailing-list.html
> The following paragraph should have been posted as a comment to that
> blog post, but it doesn't record my post no matter how much I try, so
> I'll put it here:
> """
> Ah, sorry about the money issue.  I didn't realize that you already
> sent it to us; I misunderstood that you would not send it at all after
> we told you that we don't have resources and motivation to make
> RPython more user-friendly (even with $200).  Now I suppose that we
> can arrange for you to get the money back if you like, or else thank
> you properly for it if it's ours to keep anyway :-)
> """
> About the non-money issue, I end up looking like the bad guy.  I
> suppose I should not have tried to say and repeat "no" so many times
> in the previous thread in increasingly bad tones; now Sarvi points
> only to my most negative e-mail.
> A bientôt,
> Armin

Thanks for posting this Armin. Let´s focus on the future then.

Maybe we should be clear in our documentation somewhere on
where we stand regarding RPython and maybe give some friendly
advice on how to get started with experimenting (because that is
what it means trying out RPython for other purposes than what Pypy
uses it for). And if more questions like these pop up we can refer the
inquiries there?

That way it´s the core dev team who expresses the views, in one voice
so to say.

Just a suggestion.



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