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Saravanan Shanmugham sarvi at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 01:36:07 CEST 2010

I believe Hart's Antler has done quite bit of work in RPython.

Yeah, that said, more work to do there.

My goal with my RPython thread, is that I believe that there is an implicitly 
static subset of Python that can be compiled into standalone executables and 
DLLs without needing JIT or VMs.
Can serve 2 purposes.
   1. Make standalone executables just like C/C++ code.
   2. Write Python Extension modules that can be compiled into shared DLL 
modules for CPython and PyPy

Looking through the various threads on PyPy, Shedskin and Cython, I believe its 
just a matter of time.



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> > Is it really about  interpreters? (what's interpreter-specific after
> > all in RPython) or is  it just that it's hard to use and does not
> > integrate with CPython  well?
> my point if that it's definitely good enough for writing  interpreters. For 
> rest, it's a bit unknown (in the sense that nobody has  ever tried), and we
> don't care about knowing  :-)
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