[pypy-dev] Readiness of asmgcc for x86_64 linux?

Gary Robinson garyrob at me.com
Thu Sep 23 17:51:13 CEST 2010


I saw the PyPy Status Blog post mentioning that there is a working asmgcc for x86_64 linux. I wonder if you could clarify the status of it a bit further. The last thing Jason Creighton wrote on the subject that I can find, from Aug 13, was: "...the bottom line is that the main goal of my GSoC was accomplished: A working 64-bit PyPy JIT. Hopefully I'll be able to complete asmgcc-64, and make the JIT even faster..."

But the new Status Blog post says " It not only includes working 64bit JIT (merged into PyPy trunk), but also a working asmgcc for x86_64 linux platform, that makes it possible to run the JIT on this architecture with our advanced garbage collectors"

So it sounds like he (or someone) DID get the Linux version of it working. Has it been merged into the trunk? Does it seem stable? You say: "Expect this to be a major selling point for the next PyPy release :-)"  Do you have an estimate of when that'll come out?

I'm looking forward to testing PyPy for some of our music recommendation code. The main thing holding me back so far is the lack of 64-bit support.

The other thing in the way is that I need to use multiple cores. I can home-grow a solution for my needs, but it would be great if the python multiprocessing library were to be supported. I see "r77223 - in	pypy/branch/fast-forward/pypy/module/_multiprocessing: . test" in the svn commit log, dated Tuesday of this week (http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.pypy.cvs/29865)... I'm hoping that means it's going to be supported soon? That would be really great.



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