[pypy-dev] PyPy JIT & C extensions, greenlet

Ian P. Cooke ipc at srand.net
Mon Sep 27 13:49:11 CEST 2010

There was a recent thread with the same subject and I would like to look 
into this a bit more.
I knew pypy-stackless wouldn't work after I built a working 64-bit pypy 
w/ JIT, well, now I'm intrigued.

I will look at the code more closely soon.  Armin, Carl Friedrich, would 
you answer a couple of questions in the mean-time?

What is the largest roadblock to making pypy-stackless work on pypy w/ JIT?
Would it be possible/easier to port the greenlet module?

Having built-in support for co-routines would be very nice but my own 
goal is to get greenlet working in any manner.
If I could build a 64-bit pypy w/ JIT and then easy_install greenlet, 
that would work for me.


P.S. congratulations on all your recent progress!  I always look forward 
for the next pypy blog update :)

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