[pypy-dev] Could someone give me an idea of what is where with RPython?

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at python.org
Sat Dec 10 01:38:57 CET 2011

2011/12/9 Alexander Golec <alexgolecmailinglists at gmail.com>:
> So the RPython compiler reuses interpreter code from PyPy to perform bytecode interpretation on the objects that the were given it by the standard CPython dis module? Namely I'm thinking of the bits that handle branching code, where the interpreter must effectively take both branches at once.

Yes. The interpreter pulls the strings of a flow space.

> If I'm not mistaken, the PyPy VM uses a superset of the CPython bytecodes. Does that mean that RPython can perform translation either on bytecodes emitted by CPython or by PyPy?

It's not a superset; it's a slight variant. But, yes, that's what
happens when translating on CPython in fact.


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