[pypy-dev] European sprints?

Bea During bea at changemaker.nu
Wed Feb 16 12:01:38 CET 2011

Hi there

Regarding PyPy sprints in Europe during 2011:

Antonio Cuni skrev:
> On 15/02/11 15:02, Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
>> Also I guess it is likely that we will have another one in Düsseldorf 
>> later in the year.
> and probably one after europython, as usual?
> ciao,
> Anto
Here is a suggestion of places and dates based on Lauras, Carl Friedrich 
and Antos

- Gothenburg sprint: 25th of April to 1st of May
- Europython sprint/Florence: 25th of June to 26th of June (EP2011 
official sprint dates)
- Düsseldorf sprint: 22nd of August to 28th of August (fits the plan of 
the funded PyJIT project which ends end August)

What do you think about these dates - would they work?



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