[pypy-dev] Change to the frontpage of speed.pypy.org

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Sun Feb 27 16:38:03 CET 2011

<Resend.  I seem to have typed python-dev at codespeak.net last time.
 sorry Miguel.>

I'd like to change what is displayed on the speed.python.org frontpage.
Right now, as I look at http://speed.pypy.org/  I see, under a section
called 'latest results' a list of all the recent times when we became
slower.  It's thus a 'recent problems' page -- we have actually improved
in recent times in many areas, and nowhere is that shown.  As we go off
to PyCON, which is March 9-17, I intend to mention how great PyPy is,
and that you can see it for yourself at speed.pypy.org.  Thus, without
lying, I would like it if the first impression of PyPy's speed that 
people got when looking at the site was 'we're getting faster'.  Do you
think you could change the front page so that what was displayed was 
more balanced with respect to good news and bad news?

I realise that there is nothing you can do if we make a recent build
that slows everything down, but for instance in build 42312:392b (Feb 26)
we have improvments which are not shown on the main page.  I actually
think that the _trend_  is a more useful thing to display on the front page,
though that might be because it is so green right now. :-)

The other thing I want is for the graphs you get, for instance with
to have, in addition to the selection button beside: 'result for revision'
an actual label that says 'build 42312:392b' or something that you
can select with your mouse and use to paste into things like this mail
article.  It would also be useful to label the run with something more
meaningful than 'tannit' for outsiders -- 64 bit ubuntu linux  for instance.

Thanks very much,
Laura Creighton

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