[pypy-dev] good by swap of death

Daniel Poelzleithner poelzi at poelzi.org
Tue Jan 11 06:49:14 CET 2011


as I'm surly not the only one having sometimes memory problems when
translating pypy. Slowly getting bitten by the swap of death, not
registering anything until the desktop stops and rescuing is a very slow
process (yes, i have a special root login with /bin/sh shell and

I was just able to fix the problem with ulatencyd [1] and as I think
translating pypy is a real usecase I would be glad having some feedback.
I was quite surprised that after a simple memleak emulator got isolated
successfully, pypy translation works like a charm, even when i put
additional pressure on the system :-)

[1] https://github.com/poelzi/ulatencyd

kind regards

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