[pypy-dev] New version of Codespeed (0.7) for speed.pypy.org

exarkun at twistedmatrix.com exarkun at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jan 24 00:37:27 CET 2011

On 07:37 pm, tobami at googlemail.com wrote:
>It doesn't sound like a bad idea. But how would you save the branch 

What do you need beyond an extra column in the revisions table? 
Everything else would be the same, except when you upload data, include 
the branch it is for, and when you query for data, limit yourself to 
trunk/default/whatever unless you know you want more.

>2011/1/21  <exarkun at twistedmatrix.com>:
>>On 06:14 pm, anto.cuni at gmail.com wrote:
>>>On 21/01/11 08:49, Miquel Torres wrote:
>>>>Yes, branches are a pending item that has been requested a couple of
>>>>times now.
>>>yes, I think most of the requests has been by me :)
>>>>The current solution is actually not to abuse an environment like 
>>>>say, but to create a new project for a branch. That way it gets
>>>>cleanly separated, and in a way branches are like different 
>>>>But it is of course not optimal. Technically it is very easy to come
>>>>up with several solutions (add a branch dimension, for example), but
>>>>interface-wise it is not easy to find something that doesn't clutter
>>>Uhm, I don't think that using a different project is a good idea. For
>>>branches, we are usually not much interested in the branch history, 
>>>in the
>>>comparison with trunk (ideally, with trunk at the point we created 
>>>or at the point of the last merge from trunk).
>>>As for visualize changes, I think that we don't need anything fancy,
>>>example it would be already immensely useful to have the possibility 
>>>displaying the Changes page in a way that it compares the 
>>>of the
>>>branch against trunk.
>>How about a "Branches" checkbox (per project?  per executable?  per
>>graph?  One of those maybe).  When it's checked, branch results within
>>the revision horizon (last 10, 50, 200, etc) get plotted on the same
>>graph as the trunk data is plotted.  Each branch could be a different
>>color, perhaps (but would at least have hover info telling you what it
>>This implies adding a branch column to the results table (or is it the
>>revisions table?).
>>Maybe that's just the obvious way to do it and everyone else already
>>thought of and discarded it already, though.
>>Actually, in general I'd like a way to plot more things on one graph.
>>So maybe this is just a special case of that.
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