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wlavrijsen at lbl.gov wlavrijsen at lbl.gov
Fri Jun 3 01:43:30 CEST 2011

Hi Armin,

> It definitely crashes during optimization of the trace produced by the
> JIT.  I imagine that we could get somewhere by carefully inspecting
> the unoptimized operations that lead to the crash.  Try enabling the
> dump with "PYPYLOG=jit-log-unopt:log", and then reproducing the crash.
> This should ideally leave behind a file called "log" with all the
> unoptimized loops seen so far, and the faulty one is the last one
> (i.e. the last section between "{jit-log-unopt" and "jit-log-unopt}").

thanks; but to get something useful, I had to use jit-log-noopt: (i.e. output
to stderr, since buffers were not flushed; and slightly different filter).

Since readline in PyPy is a .py, I was able to reduce the loop that exhibits a
segfault to this simple script:

   for i in range(1001):

although the trace is still far from simple, at least it's a lot shorter than
what I got before. :) I've attached the trace.log file. And again, the problem
optimization was "heap."

For comparison purposes, I grabbed the latest "green" nightly (44610) and made
a trace with that one, too (the prebuild editions don't crash). That file is
trace_nightly.log (also attached). It is quite a bit shorter.

Anything in there that rings a bell?

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