[pypy-dev] M.Sc. student introducing myself

Even eventh at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 17:16:27 CEST 2011

Hello, I'm a computer science student who intent to work on PyPy for
my M.Sc. thesis.

I have been a passionate Python programmer for seven years, and I
additionally knows C, C++, Java, Oz, Lisp and Assembler.

My academic interests are algorithms, compilers and evolutionary
algorithms, and I have completed classes which covers these topics,
which means I know what compilers does and why, and the optimizations
they can do.

I'm pleased that I have been allowed to focus my thesis on PyPy, but I
don't yet know what the scope of my thesis will be. At the moment
numpy support in PyPy looks interesting, and I have read the
blogs/mails regarding this topic.

I won't start any actual work on my thesis until the new year, but I
hope to spend summer and autumn getting familiar with the project and
contributing in any way I can.
So far I have only read through the dev docs, and compiled PyPy from
source (which took 4.6 hours with cpython and 3.7h with pypy on my

I have been following this list since easter, and I can be found in
#pypy on freenode.
Even Wiik
eventh at gmail.com

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