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Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Tue Jun 28 19:51:44 CEST 2011

In a message of Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:40:29 +0200, "Massa, Harald Armin" writes:

Hi Harald!  Note that we are pypy-dev at python.org these days.

>has anyone already setup a bounties page for pypy-enabling modules?

No.  We just had the idea of doing it very recently.

>Or had that idea and trashed it, because bounties won't be motivating any
>of the pypy-capable developers?

No, but it took the reception of Europython, where I met many people who
would pay for GIL removal, for instance, before I got the idea that
crowdsourcing would work for us.  So we have been discussing this at
this sprint.

>I am dreaming of something like:
>module:   py2exe
>person_a pledging x money units for an adaption
>person_b pledging y money units for an adaption
>person_c pledging z money units for an adaption
>collectivly there are (x+y+z) money units pledged; (x+y+z) is over the
>boredome-treshhold, and it gets realised.
>a pypy-able guy claims the work, the pledges are collected, and after
>finishing the money is given to the work-doer.

I think we want to say who wants to do the work, and how soon they
could start before we collect the pledges.  For things that are
complicated, like 'kill the GIL' and 'numpy integration' we would
need to do the spelling out of exactly what it is that we would
be willing to do.  I'm also open to the idea of crowdsourcing the
idea of adding feature requests.

I'd rather get paid up front, as well, for things that take months and
or years to do.

>Quite sure there are existing commercial entitities who do exactly this, 
>is there a subarea for pypy? Or am I just missing the link from the main

After 4 days of looking I have not found a commercial entity that does
this.  But I have been talking to fundedbyme, a Swedish based international
competitor for kickstarter.  The nice thing is that fundedbyme is a Django
app.  I've been talking to one of the founders, and they would like to share
code with us, or set up a way to benefit open source programs in general.
When the PyPy Sprint is over, and I am done a few days of vacation, I
will return to Sweden, and go meet with these people.  They are pypy
fans already.

In the meantime, if you find a commercial entity which is doing what
we want already, do let me know.  For me it is a matter of balancing
the benefit of being paid by a hundred people in 25 Euro chunks, vs
the hassle of having to return money already pledged via paypal or
some service if the feature doesn't receive enough funding, (if we
collect before the work starts) or going after deadbeat promisers who
never pay (if we collect after the work is done).  What was clear to me
was that there was enough public support for PyPy that we could really
live on the cash donations of people wanting to pay what they could
to get feature X.  The community based support is there.

So now I just have to find a way to implement it.


Send ideas this way.


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