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On 28 June 2011 18:51, Laura Creighton <lac at openend.se> wrote:

> In a message of Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:40:29 +0200, "Massa, Harald Armin"
> writes:
> Hi Harald!  Note that we are pypy-dev at python.org these days.
> >has anyone already setup a bounties page for pypy-enabling modules?
> No.  We just had the idea of doing it very recently.
> >Or had that idea and trashed it, because bounties won't be motivating any
> >of the pypy-capable developers?
> No, but it took the reception of Europython, where I met many people who
> would pay for GIL removal, for instance, before I got the idea that
> crowdsourcing would work for us.  So we have been discussing this at
> this sprint.
> >I am dreaming of something like:
> >
> >
> >module:   py2exe
> >
> >person_a pledging x money units for an adaption
> >person_b pledging y money units for an adaption
> >person_c pledging z money units for an adaption
> >
> >collectivly there are (x+y+z) money units pledged; (x+y+z) is over the
> >boredome-treshhold, and it gets realised.
> >
> >a pypy-able guy claims the work, the pledges are collected, and after
> >finishing the money is given to the work-doer.
> I think we want to say who wants to do the work, and how soon they
> could start before we collect the pledges.  For things that are
> complicated, like 'kill the GIL' and 'numpy integration' we would
> need to do the spelling out of exactly what it is that we would
> be willing to do.  I'm also open to the idea of crowdsourcing the
> idea of adding feature requests.
> I'd rather get paid up front, as well, for things that take months and
> or years to do.
> >Quite sure there are existing commercial entitities who do exactly this,
> >but
> >is there a subarea for pypy? Or am I just missing the link from the main
> >page?
> After 4 days of looking I have not found a commercial entity that does
> this.  But I have been talking to fundedbyme, a Swedish based international
> competitor for kickstarter.  The nice thing is that fundedbyme is a Django
> app.  I've been talking to one of the founders, and they would like to
> share
> code with us, or set up a way to benefit open source programs in general.
> When the PyPy Sprint is over, and I am done a few days of vacation, I
> will return to Sweden, and go meet with these people.  They are pypy
> fans already.

Using either kickstarter of fundedbyme to raise money for pypy sounds like a
great idea. I'm sure that a lot of the python community would put in *some
money* for *specific* goals if it was easy.


> In the meantime, if you find a commercial entity which is doing what
> we want already, do let me know.  For me it is a matter of balancing
> the benefit of being paid by a hundred people in 25 Euro chunks, vs
> the hassle of having to return money already pledged via paypal or
> some service if the feature doesn't receive enough funding, (if we
> collect before the work starts) or going after deadbeat promisers who
> never pay (if we collect after the work is done).  What was clear to me
> was that there was enough public support for PyPy that we could really
> live on the cash donations of people wanting to pay what they could
> to get feature X.  The community based support is there.
> So now I just have to find a way to implement it.
> >
> >Harald
> Send ideas this way.
> Laura
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