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Massa, Harald Armin chef at ghum.de
Tue Jun 28 21:43:58 CEST 2011

Hello Laura,

Hi Harald!  Note that we are pypy-dev at python.org these days.
> yepp, allready in the process of updating my autocomplete :)

> No.  We just had the idea of doing it very recently.

aaaa... so there was a gnostic fields of information  ....

> No, but it took the reception of Europython, where I met many people who
> would pay for GIL removal, for instance, before I got the idea that
> crowdsourcing would work for us.  So we have been discussing this at
> this sprint.
> that is great.

> >I think we want to say who wants to do the work, and how soon they
> >could start before we collect the pledges.

Hmmmm .. I hope my english does not work against me: "pledge" I used for
"person x commits to pay amount z when the feature is being realised"; so
that developers can tune in as soon as enough money is promised for a

The idea was also to possibly attract new developers ... for example, if
there would be "10 days in money" for adapting py2exe, I am sure many would
jump to solve this puzzle.

complicated, like 'kill the GIL' and 'numpy integration' we would
> need to do the spelling out of exactly what it is that we would
> be willing to do.


> I'd rather get paid up front, as well, for things that take months and
> or years to do.
> my dream was of a trustee service: after somebody commits to do the work,
the pledgers have to pay to a trustee. then the work is done. then the
trustee pays the worker.

Higher levels would be  "pay per completion" or similiar.

>In the meantime, if you find a commercial entity which is doing what
> >we want already, do let me know.  For me it is a matter of balancing
> >the benefit of being paid by a hundred people in 25 Euro chunks, vs
> >the hassle of having to return money already pledged via paypal or
> >some service if the feature doesn't receive enough funding, (if we
> >collect before the work starts) or going after deadbeat promisers who
> >never pay (if we collect after the work is done).

and I added the idea of a trustee. Which would put the situation "not enough
people pay" to the trustee, he would have to pay back.

Hmmm.... a structure could be:

- service provider does the technical stuff, as in:
   # website
   # collect pledges
   # handly project description
   # collect money
   # distribute money after featuer completion

- PSF / pypy-foundation / whateverfoundation provides the trust

Thanks for confirming the need for such a thing!


Harald Armin Massa
Spielberger Straße 49
70435 Stuttgart

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