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Wed Jun 29 15:16:37 CEST 2011

I'm glad this thread is up. Laura - I'm the chap from Armin's talk who
offered a monthly retainer for a year towards numpy integration (in my
mind I'm offering £50/month for 12 months). I spoke to you later and
you mentioned the flattr site but having to do it each month is a bit
of a pain (I know it is simple but I don't want to think about it...).

So, for the record, I have £600 sitting here with someone's name on
it, I'll account for it as a marketing expense or something out of my
company. I'm a one man consultancy, PyPy doesn't directly help me as
I'm an A.I./science researcher (so I need numpy, IPython, matplotlib
etc) but I believe strongly that it will help all of Python (and me in
part) over time, so it is worth pledging some of my earnings towards
the goal of eventual numpy integration.

If I can pledge it to someone or a project then that's cool, if I
should just move the money to someone's account then that's cool too.
I'm quite happy to have my name down as ContributorNumber1ForNumpy if
it helps you spread the word.

ps. I posted the v0.1 PDF of my High Performance Python tutorial this
morning (it is based on my EuroPython training session). It has a
section on PyPy and I'd happily accept input if that section should be
expanded: http://ianozsvald.com/2011/06/29/high-performance-python-tutorial-v0-1-from-my-4-hour-tutorial-at-europython-2011/

On 29 June 2011 08:53, Laura Creighton <lac at openend.se> wrote:
>>The idea was also to possibly attract new developers ... for example, if
>>there would be "10 days in money" for adapting py2exe, I am sure many wou
>>jump to solve this puzzle.
> This is sort of a bad example.  Because py2exe embeds CPython, and
> we wouldn't want to do that.  So what we would probably want to do is
> to make some general tool that willmake a windows binary, or a
> mac one, and get rid of the need for bzfreeze and friends.  So now
> you are looking at a general embedding solution, and that is more
> than 10 days worth of work.
> But I get  the idea.
> <snip>
>>> my dream was of a trustee service: after somebody commits to do the wor
>>the pledgers have to pay to a trustee. then the work is done. then the
>>trustee pays the worker.
> This is one of the things I want to talk with fundedbyme about.  But
> having an explicit trustee is a new idea.  I think the pypy core
> developers are already rather well trusted in this community, but
> this may be important to new developers who aren't as well known.
> And it handles the problem' of 'I got sick and cannot do this  any
> more' more gracefully than other solutions.
>>Hmmm.... a structure could be:
>>- service provider does the technical stuff, as in:
>>   # website
>>   # collect pledges
>>   # handle project description
>>   # collect money
>>   # distribute money after feature completion
> fundedbyme has sort of indicated an interst in doing this (except
> they were talking about distribution before, and I was leaving
> project description to the project, not outsiders).  I will follow
> up on this when I get back home to Sweden.
>>- PSF / pypy-foundation / whateverfoundation provides the trust
>>Thanks for confirming the need for such a thing!
> Thanks once again for seeing a marketing solution that nerds like
> us often miss.
> Laura
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