[pypy-dev] Change to the frontpage of speed.pypy.org

Miquel Torres tobami at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 4 19:34:15 CET 2011


just a quick note to Laura and the rest to let you know that I am
working on the issues you raised, and expect to have everything nailed
down this weekend, just in time for PyCon.


2011/2/28 Laura Creighton <lac at openend.se>:
> Also, can you change every usage of the word 'less' on the axis of the
> graphs to 'smaller'.  As far as I can tell, every time it is an
> incorrect and ungramatically usage of English.  Sometimes the legend
> is 'seconds - less is better'.  But seconds are inherantly countable,
> so it is incorrect English to say 'there are less seconds' -- rather
> that there are *fewer* seconds.  Or you could change that legend to
> read 'time in seconds' -- because time is considered uncountable, so
> you have more or less time, not more or fewer time.  Smaller would also
> work here.
> Ratios, however, such as on http://speed.pypy.org/comparison/
> cannot be 'more or less' or 'more or fewer'.  They have to be greater
> (or larger)  or smaller.  Thus we need 'smaller' here.
> Laura

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