[pypy-dev] ideas for Google Summer of code

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Thu Mar 17 17:34:20 CET 2011

In a message of Thu, 17 Mar 2011 17:09:19 +0100, Antonio Cuni writes:
>Hi all,
>the deadlines for GSoc are approaching, and at some point we should proba
>make a blog post about that.
>But first, we need to 1) collect ideas for possible tasks and 2) find
>potential mentors.
>Two ideas that just came to my mind:
>- "general work" on speed.pypy.org (we need to define better what we want
>, of
>- improving the jitviewer, maybe integrating it with the profiler (when w
>have one :-))
>- <insert-your-idea-here> :-)

3.x conversions -- a) write an interpreter
                   b) do the fiddly bits needed to integrate the new
                      interpreter with our codebase
                   c) get the 3.whatever tests to pass

I think this is too much work for one SoC student, but maybe not if it
was set up as 2 projects, one of which stared after the other did.  I
am not sure how SoC is being handles for people who live in the 
Southern hemisphere and who go to classes in June, July, etc.

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