[pypy-dev] phb impression from speed.pypy.org

Massa, Harald Armin chef at ghum.de
Thu Mar 17 17:48:43 CET 2011


I really love the improvements to the clearity of speed.pypy.org

In the last days I have dropped some times on that page, aaaand...
although I read the description and understand it, what my mind FIRST
processes from the

How has PyPy performance evolved over time?

picture is that "performance got worse"

Yes; right after that I read the small print of "smaller is better".
But still... my eyes tell me "it got worse".

Would it be possible to think of a presentation that allows to GROW
those elements? Having a measurement comparable to transaction per
second; or whatever-stones.

Or just project the 1/x of every measurment ... just the subconcious
thinks "something shrinking is not sexy". There is allways the
experience with "wow, you have grown so much" ... nobody tells their
(shrinking) elders "wow, you have shrunken so much"...

Another small point: The headline is "...over time", but the x-axis
shows "over versions". If I call correctly, the delta-t between
"release of cpython 2.6.2" to "pypy1.3" is different form dt(1.3,1.4)
is different from dt(1.4,trunk)

As much as I remember, the speedup is speeding up ...

Would such changes be possible? Does someone else think they may be positive?

Harald Armin Massa
Spielberger Straße 49
70435 Stuttgart

Amtsgericht Stuttgart, HRB 734971
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