[pypy-dev] Gothenburg Sprint Dates

Bea During bea at changemaker.nu
Wed Oct 12 10:18:22 CEST 2011

Hi there

Maciej Fijalkowski skrev 2011-10-11 21:41:
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 9:14 PM, Bea During<bea at changemaker.nu>  wrote:
>> Hi there
>> Antonio Cuni skrev 2011-10-11 17:01:
>>> On 13/09/11 13:35, Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
>>>> Some of us need to be in Stockholm Oct 24 and 28.
>>>> Anto needs to be with his family Nov 1.
>>>> Fscons starts Friday Nov 11 in Göteborg, and we're giving a talk.
>>>> Thus I propose that we hold a Sprint at my house Wednesday Nov 2nd
>>>> through
>>>> Thursday Nov 10.
>>>> fscons: http://fscons.org/ Nov 11-13 Not sure what day we will be
>>>> speaking
>>>> yet.
>>>> What do the rest of you think of this idea?
>>> Did we decide anything wrt the Gothenburg sprint in November?  I think
>>> it's time booking the flights, else the might become expensive.
>>> We should decide the dates and publish the sprint announcement.
>>> Probably, I'll be able to come only on the 4th, and then I might stay
>>> until the 13th, to attend fscons.
>>> ciao,
>>> Anto
>> I talked to Laura about this today and she wanted me to email the following
>> and start to push for a sprint announcement (which apparently not needed
>> since the discussion has been reboote):
>> - the sprint need to take place at the Open End office due to bathroom
>> logistic angst in Lauras/Jacobs house (apparently all apartements need to
>> revamp some of the plumbing which collides with the sprint)
>> So we need to add directions to Open End facilities to the sprint
>> announcement: Open End AB, Norra Ågatan 10, 416 64 Göteborg, see
>> http://kartor.eniro.se/m/ajEHO
>> - suggested dates that we suggest is as above: Wednesday 2nd of Nov to
>> Thursday 10th of Nov
>> - due to the logistical mess of the bathroom situation at Jacob and Lauras
>> place they will not be able to host people sleeping over other in the same
>> manner as they usually do (Anto - there is a bed for you as promised
>> though). So we need to recommend some cheap places for booking
>> accommodations as well (Chalmers Studenthem)
>> - as for topics, it seems Maciej suggests a 1.7 release before the sprint so
>> we need to check the todo list
>> Cheers
>> Bea
> Hi
> Maybe with logistics being harder we should move the sprint to some
> cheaper place? (I do appreciate OE lending us a room though)
> Cheers,
> fijal
With cheaper place do you mean another country/town than Gothenburg? If 
so I would like to remind about FSCons as well as the possibility of 
doing a potential presentation for Vinnova in end of October.

What did you have in mind?



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