[pypy-dev] Questions on the pypy+numpy project

Ian Ozsvald ian at ianozsvald.com
Mon Oct 17 14:29:33 CEST 2011

> This would be very useful since
> you don't need to use Cython or any other things like this to provide
> working code and it already caters for some group of people.

Hi Fijal. This would be useful for a demo - but will it be useful for
the userbase that becomes motivated to integrate Cython and SciPy?

If it isn't useful to the wider community (which is the point I've
made after David's email) then aren't we creating a (potentially)
dead-end project rather than one that opens the doors to increased
collaboration between the communities?

Perhaps I should ask a wider question: If the pypy-numpy project only
supports the core features of numpy and not the API (so excluding
Cython/SciPy etc for now), what's the roadmap that lets people
integrate SciPy's C/Fortran code in a maintainable way? I.e. how is
the door opened to community members to introduce SciPy compatibility?
Some idea of the complexity of the task would be very useful,
preferably with input from people involved with CPython's numpy/scipy


Ian Ozsvald (A.I. researcher)
ian at IanOzsvald.com


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