[pypy-dev] PyPy Sprint Nov 2 - 9 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Mon Oct 17 19:57:17 CEST 2011

PyPy Göteborg Post-Hallowe'en Sprint Nov 2nd - Nov 9th

The next PyPy sprint will be in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a public sprint, 
suitable for newcomers.  We'll focus on making a public kickoff for
both the `numpy/pypy integration project`_
and the `Py3k support project`_,
as well as whatever interests the Sprint attendees.  Since both of these
projects are very new, there will be plenty of work suitable for newcomers
to PyPy.
.. _`numpy/pypy integration project`: http://pypy.org/numpydonate.html
.. _`Py3k interpreter project`: http://pypy.org/py3donate.html

Other topics might include:

- Helping people get their code running with PyPy

- work on a FSCons talk?

- state of the STM Vinnova project (We most likely, but not for certain will
  know whether or not we are approved by this date.)

Other Useful dates
GothPyCon_ - Saturday Oct 29.

.. _GothPyCon: http://www.meetup.com/GothPy/events/32864862/

FSCONS_ Friday Nov 11 - Sunday Nov 12.

.. _FSCONS: http://fscons.org/


The sprint will be held in the apartment of Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallén
which is at Götabergsgatan 22 in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Here is a map_.  This is
in central Gothenburg.  It is between the tram_ stops of Vasaplatsen and 
Valand, (a distance of 4 blocks) where many lines call -- the 2, 3, 4, 5,
7, 10 and 13.

.. _tram: http://www.vasttrafik.se/en/

.. _map: http://bit.ly/grRuQe

Probably cheapest and not too far away is to book accomodation at `SGS
Veckobostader`_. The  `Elite Park Avenyn Hotel`_ is a luxury hotel just a 
few blocks away. There are scores of hotels a short walk away from the
sprint location, suitable for every budget, desire for luxury, and desire
for the unusual.  You could, for instance, stay on a `boat`_.  Options are
too numerous to go into here. Just ask in the mailing list or on the blog.

.. _`SGS Veckobostader`: http://www.sgsveckobostader.se/en
.. _`Elite Park Avenyn Hotel`: http://www.elite.se/hotell/goteborg/park/
.. _`boat`: http://www.liseberg.se/en/home/Accommodation/Hotel/Hotel-Barken-Viking/

Hours will be
from 10:00 until people have had enough.  It's a good idea to arrive a
day before the sprint starts and leave a day later.  In the middle of
the sprint there usually is a break day and it's usually ok to take
half-days off if you feel like it.  Of course, many of you may be interested
in sticking around for FSCons, held the weekend after the sprint.

Good to Know

Sweden is not part of the Euro zone. One SEK (krona in singular, kronor
in plural) is roughly 1/10th of a Euro (9.36 SEK to 1 Euro).

The venue is central in Gothenburg.  There is a large selection of
places to get food nearby, from edible-and-cheap to outstanding.  We
often cook meals together, so let us know if you have any food allergies,
dislikes, or special requirements.

Sweden uses the same kind of plugs as Germany. 230V AC.

Getting Here
If are coming train, you will arrive at the `Central Station`_.  It is
about 12 blocks to the site from there, or you can take a tram_. 

There are two airports which are local to Göteborg, `Landvetter`_ (the main
one) and `Gothenburg City Airport`_ (where some budget airlines fly).
If you arrive at `Landvetter`_  the airport bus stops right downtown at
`Elite Park Avenyn Hotel`_ which is the second stop, 4 blocks from the
Sprint site, as well as the end of the line, which is the `Central Station`_.
If you arrive at `Gothenburg City Airport`_ take the bus to the end of the
line.  You will be at the  `Central Station`_.

You can also arrive by ferry_, from either Kiel in Germany or Frederikshavn
in Denmark.

.. _`Central Station`: http://bit.ly/fON43p

.. _`Landvetter`: http://swedavia.se/en/Goteborg/Traveller-information/Traffic-information/
.. _`Gothenburg City Airport`: http://www.goteborgairport.se/eng.asp

.. _ferry: http://www.stenaline.nl/en/ferry/

Who's Coming?

If you'd like to come, please let us know when you will be arriving and 
leaving, as well as letting us know your interests  We'll keep a list
of `people`_ which we'll update (which you can do so yourself if you
have bitbucket pypy commit rights).

.. _`people`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/extradoc/src/tip/sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011/people.txt

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