[pypy-dev] Questions on the pypy+numpy project

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Wed Oct 19 08:07:12 CEST 2011

Leonardo Santagada, 18.10.2011 19:23:
> pypy numpy does support dtype IIUC so in the end it will have
> all the features of numpy described in the article, it is going to be
> one interface to all the libraries to talk to, but it  is not going to
> be the same as cpython numpy. I don't think it is impossible to have
> an easy path for people to support both cpython numpy and pypy numpy
> on the same lib (either using cython or a simple C API). Maybe a easy
> to do is to make something like cpyext just for numpy api, and then
> latter agree on a common api for both, or to make cython to generate
> the correct one for each interpreter.

Basically, all that Cython does (at least for recent versions of NumPy), is 
to generate C level access code through the PEP 3118 buffer API. I don't 
know if that (or something like it) is available in PyPy. Even if not, it 
may not be hard to emulate at a ctypes-like level (it requires C data types 
for correct access to the array fields).


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