[pypy-dev] Windows build possibility on Amazon

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Fri Sep 2 08:57:59 CEST 2011

Hi Andrew,

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 12:24 AM, Andrew Dalke <dalke at dalkescientific.com> wrote:
> I was talking with Laura and she said there's still no good
> way to get pypy builds for Windows.

Why not?  I am actually happy with the Windows machine at OpenEnd,
bigboard.  Or as little unhappy as it gets.  I doubt very very very
much that any solution on Windows is going to magically resolve the
number of messes that regularly show up, like "we don't want to have a
dialog box when a process segfaults because there is no-one to go and
click OK" or "how do I tell the translation toolchain where to look
for zlib.h".  What is missing is not really hardware, but people that
care about Windows.  (The same is true about OS/X, btw; thanks to you
for solving the hardware part :-)

A bientôt,


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