[pypy-dev] CTypes backend for Cython Status

Romain Guillebert romain.py at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 06:18:24 CEST 2011


The Google Summer of Code has ended and I didn't give the current status
to anyone yet (I was very busy with a report I had to write for my

There is still work to do on the project (there was more work than I
expected, especially because of semantic differences between Cython and
ctypes) so I'll talk about what needs to be done (even if it does not
sound good compared to talking about what has been done) from the most
important to the least important in my opinion :

- Pointer vs Array, Cython mixes the two while ctypes does not, this
  can probably be fixed by using arrays everywhere (if we can convert
  pointers into arrays)
- Take into account header files declared globally
- Macros, this is probably the biggest part but it's doable, Cython has
  the types of the arguments and the return value so it's possible to
  generate a C function corresponding to a macro
- Pointer to functions

Some of them are trivial, others just require good ideas and macros
demands a big amount of work.
I'm still working on it and if someone wants to give a hand, I'll be
happy to explain what I've done.


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