[pypy-dev] speed and 1.6

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 11:50:48 CEST 2011

On 08/09/11 10:46, Maciej Fijalkowski wrote:

>> What about starting the benchmarks manually on the branch release-1.6.x?
>> Miquel, would it be possible to tag those results as "PyPy 1.6" when we have
>> them?
> We can mark trunk from the day we made the release branch (that's what
> we did so far).

which is fine as long as we did not transplant any performance related 
revision into the branch (which doesn't seem to be the case).

So, the last day in which we merged default into the release branch is 3rd of 
August at 17:33.


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