[pypy-dev] deepcopy slower in PyPy - testing script

Jorge de Jesus jmdj at pml.ac.uk
Thu Sep 8 12:58:54 CEST 2011

 Hi to all

Thank you for all the answers concerning the topic.

The deepcopy testing script in issue 767 [1], is working faster in PyPy
than in CPython, but deepcopy is run on a list of numbers.

BUT, PyWPS runs a lot of DOM functions and deepcopy calls that pass DOM
Elements as argument.  Just to add my 2cents, it seems that a deepcopy
of a complexer object (compared to a number list) is slower in PyPy

I've managed to replicate the problem in a small script  [2] that is
slower in PyPy:
python 2.7.1+ : 0.3057 s
pypy1.6 (jit): 1.42s
pypy-c-1.6.svn: 1.23s

The pypy-c-1.6-svn is a compiled version from the SVN and its
compilation options can be found here [3] . The tests were done in 32bit

Can someone give a look at the testing script and determine why is it
slow ?!

Thank you for the support, and I must say that PyPy is an amazing
project !!!!

All the Best

[1] https://bugs.pypy.org/issue767
[2] http://pastebin.com/rehXtTyM
[3] http://pastebin.com/FhLLNxMT

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