[pypy-dev] Spurious dict lookups in my JIT loops

Boris boris2010 at boristhebrave.com
Sat Sep 17 17:14:39 CEST 2011


I've been trying out writing my own interpreter using the PyPy framework
recently, as a bit of fun. I've been trying to get the JIT to optimize a
trivial loop down to the minimal amount of operations. With judicious use of
`_immutable_fields_` and `_virtualizable2_`, I've got pretty close.

But I'm still seeing lots of calls to
`ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed`, which don't correspond to any
code in my interpreter. I don't think I even have any dicts that take
integer keys. Could someone give me a hint where these are coming from and
for what purpose? Or perhaps how to inspect the dicts or get further info?

I append what I'm seeing in the logs (Note: I've augmented the logs to give
the raw pointer). In this case, it is only looking up the value 21, but I've
seen other values in addition when running other programs. The
setarrayitem_gc calls are expected - it is nulling out the stack that was
being used. Everything from i17 is unexpected. I tested on revisions
00711ff1e03d and 96a212b0688a.




[3fd12ea6569db] {jit-log-opt-loop
# Loop 0 : loop with 37 ops
[p0, p1, p2, i3, p4, p5]
debug_merge_point(0, '::Test$iinit:20')
+113: i7 = int_add(i3, 1)
debug_merge_point(0, '::Test$iinit:22')
debug_merge_point(0, '::Test$iinit:23')
debug_merge_point(0, '::Test$iinit:26')
+116: setarrayitem_gc(p5, 0, ConstPtr(ptr9,0x0), descr=<GcPtrArrayDescr>)
+126: setarrayitem_gc(p5, 1, ConstPtr(ptr11,0x0), descr=<GcPtrArrayDescr>)
+133: i13 = uint_lt(i7, 10000)
guard_true(i13, descr=<Guard2>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+145: i17 = call(ConstClass(ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed),
ConstPtr(ptr15,0x84c2958), 21, 21, descr=<SignedCallDescr>)
+176: guard_no_exception(, descr=<Guard3>) [p0, i17, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+189: i19 = int_and(i17, -2147483648)
+195: i20 = int_is_true(i19)
guard_true(i20, descr=<Guard4>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+204: i23 = call(ConstClass(ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed),
ConstPtr(ptr22,0x84c2978), 21, 21, descr=<SignedCallDescr>)
+235: guard_no_exception(, descr=<Guard5>) [p0, i23, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+248: i24 = int_and(i23, -2147483648)
+254: i25 = int_is_true(i24)
guard_true(i25, descr=<Guard6>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+263: i28 = call(ConstClass(ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed),
ConstPtr(ptr27,0x84c2988), 21, 21, descr=<SignedCallDescr>)
+294: guard_no_exception(, descr=<Guard7>) [p0, i28, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+307: i29 = int_and(i28, -2147483648)
+313: i30 = int_is_true(i29)
guard_true(i30, descr=<Guard8>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+322: i33 = call(ConstClass(ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed),
ConstPtr(ptr32,0x84c2998), 21, 21, descr=<SignedCallDescr>)
+353: guard_no_exception(, descr=<Guard9>) [p0, i33, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+366: i34 = int_and(i33, -2147483648)
+372: i35 = int_is_true(i34)
guard_false(i35, descr=<Guard10>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+381: i38 = call(ConstClass(ll_dict_lookup__dicttablePtr_Signed_Signed),
ConstPtr(ptr37,0x84c2968), 21, 21, descr=<SignedCallDescr>)
+412: guard_no_exception(, descr=<Guard11>) [p0, i38, p1, p2, p4, i7]
+425: i39 = int_and(i38, -2147483648)
+431: i40 = int_is_true(i39)
guard_true(i40, descr=<Guard12>) [p0, p1, p2, p4, i7]
debug_merge_point(0, '::Test$iinit:20')
+440: i41 = arraylen_gc(p5, descr=<GcPtrArrayDescr>)
+440: jump(p0, p1, p2, i7, p4, p5, descr=<Loop0>)
+448: --end of the loop--
[3fd12ea696ce9] jit-log-opt-loop}
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