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Hi Christian:

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>Anyway, the underlying ideas have similarities that make me think a lot.

>Thinking of Stackless, I was looking for a way to isolate tasklets in
>a way to let them run in parallel, as long as they are independent.

>In STM, independence is enforced, currently at a relatively high

>If Stackless were able to provide some better isolation by design,
>maybe there could be a hybrid approach, where most operations would
>not need to rely on STM all the time?

>Just rolling ideas out  -- Chris

The idea I like the most is to use STM and lock-free algorithms for the implementation of the
channels themselves. Again, the Scalable Join Patterns and Parallel ML  papers are the inspiration
for this approach. In contrast I have looked at Go's channel implementation and it has to do stuff like sorting to get the correct locking order.  What I like is that the approach assumes that Stackless programmers know how to write programmes that are fairly isolated. 

One  could experiment with this approach using the low-level rstm module or prototypes written in C using
existing STM and lock-free libraries.

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