[pypy-dev] jvm-improvements branch

Philip Jenvey pjenvey at underboss.org
Wed Aug 1 22:29:11 CEST 2012

On Aug 1, 2012, at 12:20 PM, Michal Bendowski wrote:

> Hello,
> At this point it's probably pretty clear I wasn't working on PyPy full time (you heard from me once every two months...) but nevertheless I would like to ask a few questions:
> 1. How can the buildbot be triggered? My work on the JVM backend is already in the jvm-improvements branch, it should now finally build and work against current default. If I remember correctly, Antonio has setup the appropriate 32bit chroot with JPype for the branch.
> 2. What is the general test-passing policy? I tried running the tests myself (to see if I have introduced any regressions), but lots of unrelated tests failed on my OS X box. Is this an unsupported OS problem, or are they suppose to fail on default for now?

You can force a build on this page (and a branch can be specified):


You'd ideally want all the tests passing before merging to default of course. A buildbot run should let you know if the failures on your platform are just noise, anyway.

Philip Jenvey

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