[pypy-dev] Logo design

F Malina fmalina at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 02:22:48 CET 2012

Apology first as this took me a while to post here, I was launching a
new site. As per fijal's request I am posting a logotype here for

SVG - https://www.flatmaterooms.co.uk/ultranet/snakey-v3.2-shadow.svg

ZIP archive - https://www.flatmaterooms.co.uk/ultranet/snakey.zip
(Comes with 3-color for plotter and shadowed for print and web use,
Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape compatible SVG and PDF)

More context - https://www.flatmaterooms.co.uk/ultranet/google.html

Regarding font-choices, the current one could be used but I am also a
big fan of downgrading to plain Arial Black, which could be used in
the same position or justified to the width of the logotype below the
graphic with appropriate white-space and grid position e.g. half the
height of text.

All vectors are a hand drawn interpretation and artwork hereby
declared CC share-alike licensed just as the current logo, although I
would like the profit from merchandise using the graphics such as
t-shirts or mugs to go towards pypy development.

Kind regards,


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