[pypy-dev] offtopic, ontopic, ...

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:24:31 CET 2012

On 02/14/2012 02:21 PM, Maciej Fijalkowski wrote:
> I think CPython C API is a serious part of it's success because it's
> "good enough for a lot of cases" not because it's necessary for it's
> success. In my opinion a decent FFI (not ctypes, I mean a decent one)
> and better performance would eliminate this need completely. From our
> perspective then, CPython C API is just legacy.

well, a C API is still needed if you want to embed the interpreter inside a 
larger C program, but PyPy doesn't offer it (yet?).

I agree that for the use case of calling external code (which is what we are 
discussing right now), a good ffi + a good JIT should eliminate the need the C 


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