[pypy-dev] Poor performance with custom bytecode

Antoni Segura Puimedon celebdor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 15:51:49 CET 2012

Hi Timothy,

I'm new in the list and I was very recently planning to do a pet project in
implementing a clojure interpreter in Rpython. Of course, I share the same
concerns as you about the standard library issue (although your body of
work on the issue gives you a much better understanding of all the
concerns, which at the moment I can only guess), so I was planning as
starting with a very simple dummy interpreter and then build on top of that
more features as time and skill allow. I will try to check your clojure
implementation this weekend. Hopefully I will manage to do something useful

A more generally targeted question, besides the sample rpython tutorial for
brainfuck, what are the recommended readings (parts of the pypy code,
papers, etc), tools and/or magic for working at rpython on an interpreter?

I saw that there will be a sprint soon in Berlin (and it not being that far
from Prague, if the dates allow, it might be possible for me to take some
vacation days and assist). In regards to that, having only experience with
python and almost none in interpreter writing, will my presence there be of
any value? I can imagine that you must want to do a lot of work in such an
event and that a newbie like me might not be the thing to have around.
Thus, I would like to ask if with the readings that I ask in the previous
paragraph there would be some easy task that I could work on to get
acquainted with the software and assist another future sprint.

Best regards,

Antoni Segura Puimedon

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 3:18 PM, Timothy Baldridge <tbaldridge at gmail.com>wrote:

> Oh yeah, I forgot. The other nice thing about doing clojure-py in
> Python is that I should be able to write RPython code in Clojure. Lisp
> macros FTW!
> Timothy
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