[pypy-dev] Reference counting

Marko Tasic mtasic85 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 12:46:22 CET 2012


I've been carefully following your mailing list for years, and using PyPy
different kind of projects, mostly for highly distributed and decentralized
and everything is just great compared to CPython, Jython and IronPython.
I've even written partial ctypes wrapper for GObject Introspection, so I
use Gtk as GUI toolkit on top of PyPy. Today, I cannot imagine writing
code without executing it on PyPy because it just feels natural to use it
as default
implementation instead of an alternative CPython :)

I know that you don't feel that using reference counting as GC mechanism is
idea because of overhead of maintaining reference counts to each object and
non concurrent nature of it, but can you give me any idea where to start
and how
I can implement reference counting for PyPy. Have in mind that I am not new
Python, and low level stuff, just want to measure performance and possibly
implement alternative reference counting strategies.

Marko Tasic
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