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Hi Armin:

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>I should add that I don't agree with Lee's main conclusion in this
>paper, namely that we need to give up solving the issue directly in
>the languages we use, and instead turn ourselves to new "coordination

>But I do agree with his attacks against threads, and that provided me with the basics of the current >discussion.

I did a quick reading of the paper. It reminds me of John Ousterhout's "Why Threads are a Bad Idea (for Most Things)" 

I find  Lee  dismissive of  languages like Erlang that both have syntax and coordination managers. Counter to what Lee believes, I think what will happen is ideas from non-mainstream languages (Erlang, Haskell, Concurrent ML/Jocaml, the Bell Lab languages) are going to enter the mainstream and or the languages themselves become popular. Actually the latter is already happening. 

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