[pypy-dev] Some NumPyPy propositions

Dmitrey dmitrey15 at ukr.net
Thu Jan 12 10:42:54 CET 2012

hi all,

I would like to make some propositions wrt NumPy port development:

1) It would be nice to have a build and/or install parameter to 
available usage of numpypy as numpy, e.g. "setup.py build 
--numpypy_as_numpy". I know it can be done via some tricks, but explicit 
parameter would be better, especially for unexperienced users.

2) Many soft packages have some basic functionality without full numpy 
port, but due to importing issues they cannot yield even it. For example:
from numpy import some_func, a_rare_func_unimplemented_in_pypy_yet
if user_want_this:
elif user_want_some_rare_possibility:

It would be nice to have possibility to install PyPy NumPy port with all 
unimplemented yet functions as stubs, e.g.
def flipud(*args,**kw):
     raise numpy_absent_exception('flipud is unimplemented yet')

(and similar stubs for ndarray and matrix methods)

3) Last but not least; I'm author and developer of openopt suite 
(openopt.org with ~ 200 visitors daily, that is AFAIK about 10% of 
scipy.org) and of course both openopt and PyPy will essentially increase 
their users when openopt will be capable of running with PyPy; yet I see 
some weeks or months till this still remain. I would be glad to make 
some contributions toward this, but my current financial situation 
cannot allow me to work for free. If at least basic financial support 
could be obtained, I guess I could port some missing numpy functions / 
array methods, maybe furthermore some functions from scipy.optimize or 
scipy.sparse. My CV and contacts are here: http://openopt.org/Dmitrey .

Regards, D.

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