[pypy-dev] JITability

Serhat Sevki Dincer jfcgauss at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 16:52:00 CET 2012

Suppose you have a function to validate local/international phone numbers
(one space between number groups, no space at start/end, no zero at start)

def validatePhone(v):
   if not (9 < len(v) < 19 and '0' < v[0]): *# recall ' ' < '0'*
       return False

   for c in v:
       if '0' <= c <= '9':
           wasspace = False
           if c != ' ' or wasspace:
               return False
           wasspace = True

   if wasspace:
       return False # last one
   return True

Just out of curiosity, would JITability of this function change if I put
"wasspace = False" just before the loop ?

Note: attaching just in case indentation is lost when sending..
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